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The world of Elesya has been a wonderful thing that have brought us together. It will not dissapear but we are moving on with the story in a post apocalyptic world. DL Posting will still be available and we encourage all to join us on the new site, called marked. Below the Forums for the new world, there is a place for DL posting and there are very few rules for it! WE do hope you all will stick it out with us until the new world and new story is complete for threading. Thank you. - Sincerely, DL STAFF
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HEY GUYS! new site in the works. We create an area for "old DL" universe for everyone to play in should they want to do that while we work (excruciatingly slowly) on the new DL to be called "Marked". We encourage everyone to join us. An announcement has been posted on the new forum to help you acclimate to what is happening. This forum will not close, don't worry. Everyone is welcome to continue threads at "Marked" or start new ones, even make new characters (apps are bare boned and no wait for approval required). (The chatbox has expired for the site. The shoutbox forum redirect in the ooc forum leads to the new chatbox for the new site. So from now on we will be using that. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.)